Speaker & Educator

Hire LaTonya as your Image Empoweress Speaker for your tribe…

The power of your image is a topic most ignore and it is LaTonya’s mission to show women how to create an empowering wardrobe through style, image, and authenticity. If you are looking for a speaker that will deliver empowering message to women who are lost in the clutter of ever-changing trends; teaching them how to navigate the world of fashion…LaTonya is here to help. Looking for a speaker to teach your audience how to create a powerful image…LaTonya is here to help. In the midst of women working from the home, many have forgotten the importance of image when meeting with potential clients, partners, and investors, let LaTonya step in and guide your tribe into a professional wardrobe.

Speaking Topics include:

*The importance of image in business

*How to transition from one stage in life to another (ex. going from incarceration to employee or from employee to entrepreneur, college student to employee, etc.)

*How to build confidence in a competitive world

*Inspiring and motivating women who are in difficult situations

*Understanding where you are and determining where you want to be (create a strategy, set goals, make a plan, take action)

*Learning how to create a visual brand that is cohesive to your professional/business brand (your image is your business – Beauty, Brand, Business)