Slay Your Wardrobe Workshop


Slay Your Wardrobe Workshop

  • The purpose of this workshop is  to educate you on how to audit & organize your closet. I will have a rack of clothes and show you how to purge; how to create outfits; how to create capsule wardrobes for different lifestyles; how to hang and fold your clothing in your closet.

  • Style Personality – You will learn what type of style you embody.

  • Body Measurements (Body shape analysis) – You will learn how to measure your body and use those measurements to determine your body type, which will help you understand what types of clothing works for your body.

  • PDF worksheets – Lots of information and activities to complete.

  • Worksheets (i.e. wardrobe checklists) – Take home and use as reference.

  • You will learn how to:

    • Inventory your wardrobe

    • Create outfits

    • Create capsule wardrobes within your wardrobe


Here is what you will receive:

  • Welcome Packet

  • Portfolio/Binder

  • Thank you Gift

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