Resume Building and Job Search/Image Workshop


Resume Building and Job Search/Image Workshop

  • How to create a winning resume and cover letter/How to tailor resume based on job applying for

  • How to search for jobs

  • Where to search for jobs

  • When to contact a potential employer after interview

  • How to interview (interactive, mock interviews)

    • What to say and what not to say, how to answer the difficult questions, how to be prepared

  • When to use unemployment services

  • How to create a (versatile) professional wardrobe

  • Important key items every job seeker should have in their closet

  • What to wear/what not to wear to a job interview

  • Appropriate hairstyles, makeup…grooming tips


There will be Q&A at the end of the workshop (final 15 minutes) and each attendee will receive a binder portfolio of everything that is covered in the program, a notepad, and a pen.