Closet Innovation

Closet Innovation

Resuscitate – Restore – Revitalize

How many of you have dead closets – black, outdated, faded, stretched, just blah clothing? And when you wear them you are looking very similar to the Walking Dead – bad posture, lack of energy, paled, no color at all.

Your outfits do not begin in the store, they begin in your wardrobe….Buying new outfits is only making your closet overworked and stressed…a closet full of stuff does not make it a working wardrobe. It actually works against you. You have to learn how to use what you got. You already have some foundation in your closet and that is where to begin, even if it is just 1 tank top, 1 black blazer, and 1 black pants, that gives us something to work with. It’s time to stop shopping and begin to resuscitate that dead closet. It is time to restore and revitalize your closet. It takes strategy, work, and honesty (with yourself). I will help you create a strategy but you have to be willing to do the work. Once a strategy is in place then you can shop for the holes in your wardrobe and begin adding wildcard items (trendy items) to give your closet personality…but we must purge honey, kill those items that do nothing for you or your body or your personality.

What exactly is Closet Innovation and how does that apply to you?

As a closet innovator, I help women develop a plan to organize her closet in order to bring new life into her wardrobe.

I do this with what I call the Tonya K Wardrobe Solutions…Click the picture below to learn more about this process.